Weekly TBR


Oops this sort of fell by the wayside. I had a move that kept me offline most of October and I’m slowly getting back into blogging while still getting my place together. Hopefully I can get back into doing this, I really like doing it. Feel free to talk to me about any books on this list that you’ve read, spoiler free please! Also feel free to suggest similar books that you think I might like (I read adult, new adult, young adult, and middle grade). So on to my books for the week!

Last Week

I have been in a bit of a slump but mostly due to my mood so I didn’t read much this past week. I started a few ebooks but I didn’t read a whole lot into them. However, I did read and finish Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. I really enjoyed it and hope to have my review of it up this week.

Weekly TBR


I got approved for an eARC of this book a long time ago, then I got sick and all of my ARCs fell behind and I’m still playing catch up on them. I got the hardcover of this one from the library and I’m planning to start it tonight. This is one that I’ve really, really been wanting to read.


This has been on my TBR list for awhile and I finally checked it out from the library. I needs to go back soon so definitely going to try and get this one read this week.


I have the eARC of this one, yes it was recently released but behind like I said, this is one I started this week. While I was intrigued by what I read it just wasn’t what I wanted at that time. I am planning to read this one if I have time this week.


I know I’m not going to get to four books this week but this one is here because the third book is between this one and Certain Dark Things. This is another one I started, I am into thrillers pretty big right now so I’m really interested in this one. This is one I bought on Amazon, it was one of the books they sold a month before it released.

What books are you reading this week?


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